The Master Bedroom Moodboard

ScreenshotIt’s been three months since my boyfriend and I first moved into our beautiful new Victorian house, and as winter sets in we’re looking to create a more cosy feel in the master bedroom.

As yet, it’s untouched and is pretty bare aside from my granny’s 1960’s armchair and the bed, but like most rooms in the house the previous owners have left it in pretty good condition, with contemporary colours on the walls.

Even so, we’re keen to really make it our own, and we’re just about decided on an initial colour scheme to test out.



I’ve been admiring InBed’s cosy, crumpled linen bedding for ages, but with a full house to decorate, I can’t really stretch to paying for shipping, but at the opening of H&M Home at Selfridge’s in the Trafford Centre I found an alternative grey set. I plan to accessorise it with Egyptian cotton sheets and velvet scatter cushions in different tones of grey and black.

Colour Scheme


While we searched for our perfect home, I was obsessed with the idea of painting rooms grey. And while we opted for Farrow & Ball’s Cornforth White in both the living room and dining room, I really wanted to paint a room with a darker tone. Our bedroom is north-facing, and so would benefit from a lighter, warmer colour, we didn’t feel it was absolutely necessary – the key is cosiness. We’re currently testing out Farrow & Ball’s Down Pipe and Mole’s Breath, both of which are deep mid-greys.


Which type of wood finish to opt for has been one of the hardest decisions we’ve made so far, and we’ve been leaning to two extremes – light ash and dark walnut. We felt the former lended itself better to more airy, sociable living spaces, while the latter feels richer and deeper, and so would work well for the bedroom.

Our bed is from Ikea’s Stockholm range, and we intend to invest in a walnut wardrobe and chest of drawers from the Capri collection from Oak Furniture Solutions, which has the sturdiest and adornment-free finish we could find.

Little Details


We’re lucky enough to have a cast iron Victorian fireplace in the bedroom, so we’ll be adorning that with some finishing touches, and most importantly installing some decorative tiles in front of the hearth.

A few weeks ago I picked up a couple of ceramic gold-dipped cacti ornaments similar to this in a cute new shop in Altrincham called Idaho, so they will no doubt take a starring role, and I’m also toying with a poster for above the bed – perhaps something similar to this La Lune print by Double Merrick or this Phases of the Moon print by James Brown, but I think it’s important that the little details feel natural, and I’m sure we’ll work them into the new design of the room gradually as we settle in once the larger aspects are complete.

What little touches have you introduced into your bedroom space?


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