Preview: Iceland, Morocco and the Netherlands

Vik, Iceland
Between work, buying our house and car, travelling has been a pretty low priority over the past six months, but thanks to a combination of good deals and work trips, I’ve got three amazing holidays planned over the next two months, which I’m really looking forward to sharing on here.
Reykjavik, Iceland: Thursday 13th – Sunday 15th November 

Earlier this year, my team at work was invited to re-pitch for one of our oldest clients with a hugely increased budget. At the time, my boss said if we were to win it, he’d take us ‘off the continent’ as a bonus. When we won my team and I decided that instead of off the continent for 3 days and having to battle jet lag for a large chunk of it, we would go somewhere special in Europe and really make the most of our time there.

I visited Iceland back in January 2013 with my boyfriend, and waxed lyrical to everyone about how great it was. Thankfully they all agreed that it sounded amazing – and so we booked it. I couldn’t be more excited to return as it’s one of my all-time favourite places. Better yet, we convinced my boss to hire a 4×4 while we’re there, so that we can head off the beaten track – something I’ve been wanting to do ever since that first visit!

I’ll be posting our plans for the trip a little later this week, so do check back!


Marrakech, Morocco: Saturday 28th November – Saturday 5th December

Next up, it’s my first trip to Africa! My boyfriend and I really wanted a week somewhere warm, where we can relax and just let all of the stress and changes the past six months have brought sink in. We’re staying in a riad just outside the city center, so that we have a good balance of downtime and sightseeing.

More on this once I’m back from Iceland!

Jardin Marjorelle, Marrakech

Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Friday 18th – Saturday 19th December

Finally, my last trip of the year will be to Amsterdam – again with work, but again a purely social trip! My boss is taking us to Amsterdam instead of a Christmas party this year. It’s going to be pretty jam packed with touring the city’s various bars, but I’m determined to get in plenty of sight seeing the day we arrive. I went to Amsterdam as a teenager, but seemed to miss a lot of the cultural sights and hidden spots – so I’m looking forward to rediscovering this old friend, even if only briefly!

2015_01_Amsterdam_blog-11 French Californian

Have you been to Amsterdam, Marrakesh or Reykjavik / the rest of Iceland? If you know of any must-see or must-visit places in these cities, let me know below! 

Photo Credits (Top to Bottom): Image 1 & 2 by me; image 3 by BP Blogspot, image 4 by French Californian


6 thoughts on “Preview: Iceland, Morocco and the Netherlands

  1. One of my best friends is in the Peace Corps and is stationed right outside of Marrakesh and I just made plans with her yesterday to go out and visit her next year! I will definitely look out for your posts on your time in Marrakesh to see what kind of day trips my friend and I will be able to take!


    1. That’s so exciting! No doubt she’ll have some great insider knowledge of places you can go. I love being able to pull in some local knowledge while I’m travelling and it’s always better if it’s a friend with similar tastes and interests too! x

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jennifer – it will be fun to revisit Amsterdam 10 years on from my first visit, Iceland is an absolute must (if you ever get the opportunity you must try to go) and we’ll soon see about Morocco!


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