Adventures Closer to Home

Exploring Buxton and the Goyt Valley


When I was learning to drive, my main motivation to pass my driving test was the idea of at long last being able to just pull over, get out and explore all of those places you pass but have no way of stopping to enjoy when you travel by train.

However, as I didn’t pass my test and buy a car until October last year, the onset of winter disrupted my plans and I soon forgot all about it – until a couple of weeks ago.

I was feeling the need to clear the cobwebs a little, I was long overdue a catch up with @FieldandNest and her adorable little jackapoo, Evie, and the weather was looking chilly but clear, so we decided to hop into my Mini Cooper and drive out to the Peak District for the day.


We opted to visit the Roman market town of Buxton as neither of us had been before, and we took the winding A and B roads instead of the motorway for a more picture-esq journey.


Although we were only stopping and getting out to admire the scenery – far from a proper country walk – we returned to Manchester with rosy cheeks, high spirits,  full of country air.


I was completely filled with the sense of freedom and excited anticipation about all of the places I’d be able to camp, picnic and wander to once the weather warms up.


It left me with an urge to just jump into the car and explore every weekend – after all, Manchester is nestled between the Peak District, Yorkshire and the Cheshire countryside, so we really are spoilt for choice.


But the past couple of weekends I haven’t been feeling well, so my plans to drive to Mam Tor in the Peak District have had to be postponed, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for better health and weather this weekend.


Keep posted for photos from more adventures closer to home over the next few months.

What are your favourite places to explore when you need a break from city life? I’d love to know.






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