A New Arrival

And not of the baby kind!
As long as my boyfriend and I have been together, we’ve wanted a cat to call our own. We debated it over the years, but never really felt it would be worth it while living in a flat in the centre of Manchester.
Once we moved into a home of our own, we started researching it properly. I can’t even recall how I came across Siberian cats, but I did, and I fell in love. They’re beautiful, majestic cats which are supposed to be the most dog-like – in terms of behaviour – of cats. Unfortunately, a lot of people know and appreciate them for this, so they aren’t the easiest of breeds to find.

It took six months to get her, but finally our little Siberian kitten, Nala, is home. We’ve spent the past five days settling her in, and we absolutely adore her.

She’s a black smoke, which means the bottom half of her hair, closest to the root, is white while the top is tinged black.

Black smokes generally look solid black in the summer, and two tone in the winter, when the white in their coat is visible. Apparently her real adult cat colourings may not develop until she’s 1 year old, but I’m secretly hoping she keeps the cute tabby markings on her face.

I promise this isn’t going to become a cat or pet-themed blog (although she may appear in the occasional photo), but I couldn’t resist sharing these pictures of her first few days with us.



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